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Musician, Worship leader, Song writer

Shaken (Quaking Earth)

Quaking earth adds to the sound
of Heaven’s champion, victory‐bound.
The darkest day, and deadest night,
the long‐awaited show of might!

Shaken, thinking about you,
shaken, standing at your cross;
shaken, when I feel your nearness,
shaken, when I feel your, when I feel your love.

Arms stretched out, you’re on the run
to freedom Jesus’ blood has now won.
The waters part, the storms will cease
as Spirit power is released.

Lifted hands, sword‐bearers’ shouts
are pushing onwards, destroying doubt.
The nations tremble, mountains thrown,
as Father’s awesome love is shown.

Fill us, fill us again. Fill us with your power.
Shake us, shake this room. Shake us with your glory.
Burn, Lord, burn within us. Burn, Lord, with your fire.

Roo Stewart
Copyright ©2007 Rooster Music, admin. by
Recorded on the album “Presence”

Watch this video of Roo leading the song at Christian Fellowship Church, Belfast.

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