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Jesus, you are amazing

Jesus, you are amazing!
Messiah, you amaze me.
Anointed one like no other,
set apart to set your people free.

You set us free, you heal us:
you heal the leper, heal the blind,
the paralysed, the troubled mind.
You set us free, you heal us:
a shrivelled hand, a constant bleed,
the ones who couldn’t hear or speak.

You set us free from hunger:
you know the place to cast a net,
a fish’s mouth could pay a debt.
You set us free from hunger:
some fish and bread, enough to share
with hungry people everywhere.

The king of all creation:
you stopped the storm with one command,
you walked on water like it’s land.
The king of all creation:
you shook the earth,  you lived and died,
you rose and now you reign on high.

Roo Stewart, 2023
Creative Commons BY-ND [Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International]

Story behind the song

‘Jesus, you are amazing’ was a song written around necessity!

The church where I was leading worship includes an action song each week in its Sunday service which we try to link to the theme of the service or the children's activities.

Beginning a new series, the children's worker had a fairly specific brief: can I find an action song about the life of Jesus in Matthew, focusing on Jesus as Messiah and if possible him being amazing?

I couldn't find one, but my solution was to come up with a song about Jesus as Messiah (or, Chosen One, Anointed One, or Christ) and I called it ‘Jesus, you are amazing’!

The song draws from some of the particularly amazing moments in Jesus' life, recounted in the Gospel of Matthew in the Bible. I aimed to make the melody easy for children to sing, and the lyrics were complimented by actions, mostly using British Sign Language, that reinforce the song's message.

We ended up adopting the song as our 'theme song' for the entire run of the Life of Jesus series.

Check out the lyric video:

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