Musician & Song Writer

Roo Stewart is a full time musician working mostly for the Church of Ireland in Holywood, Northern Ireland.

Roo is a worship leader in his own right, leading at events such as New Horizon, but also plays keys and sings with well-known artists such as Robin Mark and Brian Houston. Roo enjoyed accompanying Belfast Community Gospel Choir in its inaugural year.

Roo has a special interest in contemplative and creative worship and using the Bible in musical worship, and regularly leads a 2-hour session at the Worship Watch at Christian Fellowship Church Belfast with a host of gifted instrumentalists including flautist and whistle player Michelle Wooderson.

Roo is a trained classical pianist who loves to share the limelight by accompanying other instrumentalists, and likes nothing better than the challenge of getting his fingers round modern concertos in awkward keys and time signatures!

Roo is a qualified teacher and spent five years in schools working with children of all ages, in the extremes of poverty and affluence in Northern Ireland, both as a class teacher and as a music department head before receiving the call into full-time church-based work. He stil visits schools and youth groups to give talks and lead worship, but doesn't ever mind that he has no marking to do afterwards!

Roo has been involved in dramatic productions since childhood as an actor then director and still treads the boards, appearing most recently as 'Buttons' in an amateur production of the pantomime 'Cinderella'. His most bizarre role was as the title character in 'Mother Goose' in his first year at university, wearing a lurid yellow dress, beehive wig, high-heeled shoes and managing (after a lot of practice!) to preserve his modesty while completing an on-stage costume change!

Roo loves to travel and has recently returned from a fascinating trip along the entire length of Historic Route 66 in the United States. Roo has travelled around the US and Canada several times and has spent time in Malaysia, Australia and South Africa. His eyes are now cast on some adventures in India at some point in the future!

Pictures of Roo

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