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Musician, Worship leader, Song writer

New Horizon 2013

I'm delighted to confirm that we'll be returning to lead worship at New Horizon this summer up in sunny Coleraine. Excited about the opportunities we will have to come together to explore the theme of 'Radical Obedience to His Word'.

I'm looking forward to hearing from three insightful speakers at the larger celebrations and lots of varied seminar speakers too. What a great event to have so near at hand for a whole week!

So things are shaping up for a really rich and powerful time as we worship together with one heart and voice (which is not only a blessing for us and for the Lord in the here-and-now but is also great practice for Heaven!). At the moment I'm putting together the team of musicians who will lead worship in the celebrations and thinking about songs that will help us develop the theme of the week as we express our worship. If you have any ideas and suggestions for songs you think would be beneficial to use, please get in touch!

More information on the event can be found on the New Horizon website.

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