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Musician, Worship leader, Song writer
What glory

What glory has been shown to us, what wisdom on display,that we have been redeemed and saved to follow in your way.The chosen one, the Lamb of God, who came to Earth to dwellwas pleased to take the sinners’ place, our Lord Emmanuel.Emmanuel! The Lord with us! Creation rise to sing!Behold him now in highest […]

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The greatness of your grace

The greatness of your grace, the richness of your mercy.Through Jesus’ perfect lovewe are not condemned, we are not condemned.The fullness of your promise, the depth of your compassion;an overflow of blessing, in you we have our hope. The greatness of your grace, it meets us,the greatness of your grace forgives us,the greatness of your […]

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Shaken (Quaking Earth)

Quaking earth adds to the soundof Heaven’s champion, victory‐bound.The darkest day, and deadest night,the long‐awaited show of might! Shaken, thinking about you,shaken, standing at your cross;shaken, when I feel your nearness,shaken, when I feel your, when I feel your love. Arms stretched out, you’re on the runto freedom Jesus’ blood has now won.The waters part, […]

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Father, I am not worthy to be called your child,but when I was far away,you ran to welcome me,so now I love to hear your name. Father, each time I turn away you shed a tear.All the ways I thought were besthave left me in a mess,so help me, Lord, to trust your name. You […]

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Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Praise to the Lord,the Almighty, the King of creation.O my soul, praise him,for he is your health and salvation!Voices arise!Come let his praise fill the skies;praise him in glad adoration. Praise to the Lord,who has governed creation all-purely,raises you upon the wings of the eagle securely.Have you not seen?All you have needed has beenmet by […]

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Meet with me

Meet with me, meet with me;speak your word and set me free.Finely mould this work of art;draw me closer to your heart. Anchor me, anchor me;be my rock and anchor me.When my troubles all surround,help me stand on solid ground. Start in me, start in me;change this world and start with me.What you say, Lord, […]

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Jesus, you are amazing

Jesus, you are amazing!Messiah, you amaze me.Anointed one like no other,set apart to set your people free. You set us free, you heal us:you heal the leper, heal the blind,the paralysed, the troubled mind.You set us free, you heal us:a shrivelled hand, a constant bleed,the ones who couldn’t hear or speak. You set us free from hunger:you […]

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St George’s Day

A soldier in the army but you would not bow your kneeto any god but to our God, the blessèd Trinity.A sword you bore in battle for an empire that’s long gone.You gave your life, a martyr, when you faded like the dawn. A blood-red cross flies through the land,a sign to show God’s peace at hand.A […]

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With every dawning of the day

With every dawning of the day,awakens mercy, blazing bright,for Love has come to show the way;it shines an everlasting light. Your name will last forever,your pow’r is as strong today as it always has been,your word holds it all together;your love shining over me, shining over me. Like stars across the Milky Way,your children glimmer […]

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God of possibilities

Pure, pure King of all, seeing all, hearing all.Holy One of old, holding all, loving all.Father God in whom your sons confide,daughters call and find you by their side. Father God of possibilities,you heal the lame to walk and blind to see,but even if you don’t deliver me,I will trust you and I will worship […]

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