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Looking forward to pointing my satellite navigation device at Portglenone in a few weeks' time for a youth event called 'ALIVE'.

I'm not sure I've ever been to Portglenone before. If you're looking around the coastal areas of Northern Ireland you won't find it, as it's actually an inland 'port' along the River Bann, which meanders past the bustling town on its way from Lough Neagh to the Atlantic Ocean. Not that that geographic pointer will help much if you're travelling by car!

I'm very excited to be taking some of the talented young people of Holywood along to play and sing: they have previously led with me at the Bishop's Bible Week last summer, serving perhaps 500 people of a much older age range. This time, the guys they are playing for will be their contemporaries, so perhaps there will be some added pressure for them! But, as we keep emphasising, we are there to serve, so we have been praying for the event, the leaders and the guests both privately and corporately in the run-up.

We've been rehearsing every week for the past several weeks because one of our personal aims is to do the whole evening without requiring the hateful MUSIC STANDS! Removing this barrier will hopefully help us to connect more with each other, with the gathered throng whom we serve and first and foremost with the Lord as we honour him above all things.

If you want to know more about the event you can check out the Facebook page.

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