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With Every Dawning of the Day

With every dawning of the day,
awakens mercy, blazing bright,
for Love has come to show the way;
it shines an everlasting light.

Your name will last forever,
your pow’r is as strong today as it always has been,
your word holds it all together;
your love shining over me, shining over me.

Like stars across the Milky Way,
your children glimmer in the night:
they raise a song to watch and pray,
and see the shadows put to flight.

When darkness seems to hide your face,
where fear creeps in to grip the soul,
O Morning Star, reveal your grace:
your mighty arm is in control!

The sun will one day cease to shine,
its glowing embers fade to grey,
eclipsed by glory all-divine:
the Son of God shines like the day!

You said, you said,
we’ll suffer trials for a little while;
we know, we know
your joy comes in the morning!

Roo Stewart
(incl. a line by Edward Mote, from ‘The Solid Rock’)

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I usually write songs while I'm sitting worshipping at the piano, just me, a Bible and the Lord. When inspiration comes, the melody and lyrics are formed very quickly. This occasion was no different.

I was struck by those beautiful words in Lamentations 3:22-23 that tell us that the Lord's mercy is new each and every morning. The lateral thinker in me (well, perhaps the pedant in me!) wondered: when does 'the morning' start officially? Is it at midnight, as our clocks would tell us? Is it when the sun comes up, as Hebrew tradition would tell us? Is its time synchronised with GMT or does it vary according to the time zone?

Yes - of course I was entirely over-thinking a poetic phrase (poetic, but no less true), but from that musing I started to reflect on the many references to the sun, moon and stars in God's word, and how even these things which are incredibly old still will pass away at some point in the future. Yet God's love is everlasting, his word is unchanging, and as his children we look forward with great hope and joy to that day when all suffering is forgotten and every tear is wiped away, when we get to remain in perfect, constant communion with him in Heaven. All of a sudden, I had this song written down and the melody and piano recorded on my phone within about a half hour!

A subtitle for this song is 'The Astronomers' Hymn' because I tried to fit as much Biblical astronomy into the song as possible! See how many references you can find in the song. I also included a line from Edward Mote's stirring hymn 'On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand' - a much-loved song in the church I attended as a teenager.


Sheet music for Roo's latest song 'With Every Dawning of the Day' is available for free download in piano, lead sheet and chord chart formats. A recording of the song will shortly be available for purchase on the New Horizon Live Worship album recorded during the 2012 event this summer.

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